For Real Homes

Not everyone lives in the houses pictured in magazines. In our opinion, the most beautiful homes are those that sincerely reflect your lifestyle and your reality. That's why is a brand that offers solutions to real houses with modern designs and combines elegance with functionality. It offers you durable products that you can use for many years.

With minimalist touches of complementary furniture, any home can look perfect at an affordable price. Wish to learn more? Scroll down…

With Decorotika Quality

Decoplus is a subbrand of Decorotika which is a modular furniture manufacturer focused on creating its own designs. Our company produces more than 1000 different furniture models which include TV stands, cabinets, tables, coffee tables, bookcases, computer desks, nightstands etc.


Easy Assembly

All the products you buy from will be delivered to you with assembly instruction and installation hardware. We also provide assembly videos to make the product assembly easy for our customers.
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solar panels installed on factory roof

Sustainability Commitment

We want to create more sustainable and clean energy resources to decrease our carbon footprint. We obtain 80% of total power from solar panels installed on our factory roof.

Our main goal is to meet the expectations in the best way with modern, compatible, unique yet affordable products that we produce with quality materials, workmanship and environmentally friendly production standards.