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Coloro + WGSN: Colour of the Year 2023
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Coloro + WGSN: Colour of the Year 2023

As we enter the last quarter of the year, design and colour trends for the next year have already begun to be determined. WGSN, the global authority on consumer and design trends, and Coloro, the authority on the future of color, announced that Digital Lavender will dominate in the key colors forecast to gain worldwide popularity in 2023.

Purple will return as a key colour for 2023, representing wellness and digital escapism. Recuperative rituals will become a top priority for consumers who want to protect and improve their mental health, and Digital Lavender will connect to this focus on wellbeing, offering a sense of stability and balance. Research suggests that colours with a shorter wavelength, such as Digital Lavender, evoke calmness and serenity. Already embedded in digital culture, we expect this imaginative colour to converge across virtual and physical worlds.” 


Here are the other colours that entered the list of 2023 colors!

  • With rising interest in craft, community, sustainability and more balanced lifestyles, earthy yellows such as Sundial will have a stronger resonance.
  •  Luscious Red heralds the return of stimulating and digitised brights.
  •  Tranquil Blue is a mid-level hue that connects to sustainable values, and it has a lightness and clarity that calls to mind the elements of air and water.
  •  Verdigris is a saturated color that takes its name from the greenish pigment formed on oxidised copper. It sits between green and blue, and signals a shift towards invigorating digitised shades.

For more detail you can click for magazine website.



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