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Have you ever heard of decluttering cure?
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Have you ever heard of decluttering cure?

Do the items on your kitchen table make it difficult for you to find your wallet and keys when you need to leave the house? You may be saying that one day you will definitely organize it. However, time goes by, and you still have a lot of stuff in your house. You're not alone. But you should be aware of the link between clutter and mental health.

Clutter Test!

You probably have some level of clutter in your home if you say "yes" to any of the following questions:

  • Do you have any items, such as out-of-style clothes that you never wear or don't need?
  • Are there more than one item with the same functionality?
  • Do guests who come unplanned, worry you because of the messy state of your home?
  • Do you have clothes that you forgot when you bought them?
  • Do you have any item in your living room that should actually be in the kitchen?

Everyone wants to rest and relax at home. But clutter often gets in the way. In a study of people whose homes were messy, it was found that the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, was higher.

We can also focus on a limited amount of stimuli due to brain functioning. So if you work from home, clutter makes it harder for you to focus and think clearly.

Another scientific research proved that there is a relationship between clutter and an unhealthy eating behaviors.

Four Steps For Decluttering Cure

Out of clutter, find simplicity – Albert Einstein

Step 1: Make a Plan

You don't have to tidy the whole house on the same day. Start where you spend most of your time. You can even divide the room into sections. For example, you can start tidying up your bookcase today. A clean-looking bookcase is like an exhibition corner of the house.

Step 2: What you can't give up

A minimalist life is the best solution to clutter. If you are someone who has an emotional attachment to items, this may be difficult for you. What do you have that you haven't used in the last year? If there is no important memory, throw it away. You can make a list of your priorities. For example, gifts from people who are important to you may be at the top of your list. If you have a collection, you can make a nice corner for them. Check out the corner furnitures.

Step 3: Choose space-saving furniture

Furniture with cabinets save life. Prefer closed designs for your TV stand, especially to store your electronic gadgets. No one wants to see wire in the living room. If your television is the thing you see most during the day, you need to find a permanent solution there. For space-saving TV stands, click here.

Step 4: Fresh Colors - Fresh Mind

Nothing says bright, fresh, and clean like white! Highlight your items with a white furniture. White is bright and can create a sense of space or add highlights. Designers often use the color white to make rooms seem larger and more spacious.



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